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Greeting cards in Korea

Greeting cards in Korea
1-저를 위한 송별희를 마련해 주셔서 갑사합나다.
항상 소중히 기억하겠습니다.
Thank you very much for the farewell party. It will be fondly remembered.
Literal translation:
Thank you very much for the farewell party for me. I will keep it as a found memory.

2-떠나신다니, 정말 섭섭합니다.부디 겅강하세요.
I will miss you. Take care.
Literal translation:
To bad you are leaving. I wish you good health.

3-이렇게 떠나게 되어 섭섭합니다. 그 동안 신세 많이 졌습니다.
다시 만나게 되기를…
I will miss you. I have enjoyed being here. Hope to see again.
Literal translation:
Too bad I have leave like this. I am indebted. I hope to see you again.

4-초대해주셔서 갑사합니다.
정말 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다.
Thank you for inviting me. I had a great time.
Literal translation:
I (we) thank you for inviting (us).I (we) had a great time.

5-사랑하는 사람에게
To my Sweetheart:
Literal translation:
To (my)-It this phrase “my” is not expressed but implied.

6-나의 사랑하는 아내에게-To my Beloved wife

7-승진을 축하합니다.Congratulations on your promotion.

8행운을 빕니다.Good luck.

9여러분들과 함께 일하게 되어서 정말 기쁩니다.
잘 부탁 드립니다.
I am very happy to have a chance to work with you.
Literal translation:
I am very happy to start my new work with you people. I entrust myself to you.

10.-오랜만에 작은 모임을 마련하였습니다.
와 주시면 정말 기쁘겠습니다.
This is an invitation to not-so-serious a party (e.g. among office colleagues for an informal dinner).The phrase is typically Korean.
Literal translation:
I (we) have prepared a small gathering. I (we) would be very pleased if you can come.

꼭 오셔서 자리를 빛 내주세요.
You are cordially invited.
Literal translation:
I am (we are) inviting you. Please make sure to come, your presence will brighten the occasion.

12-저녁 식사에 초대합니다.
부부동반으로 오셔서 함께 즐거운 시간을 가졌으면 합니다.
You are cordially invited for dinner. Please come with your spouse and enjoy the time.
Literal translation:
You are cordially invited to dinner. Please come with your spouse and enjoy the time.

13-나의 사랑하는 남편에게

To my Beloved Husband

I love you.

15-내 소중한 친구에게
To My Best Friend
Literal translation:
To my precious friend.

16-나의 벗에게
To My Pal

17 -즐거운 한가위를 맞이하세요.
Happy Chu-Suk. This is for the Korean holiday “Chu-Suk” (Aug 15 in the lunar calendar).
Literal translation:
Happy Han-Ga-Wi (Han-Ga-Wi is the ancient word for Chu-suk)

18-추수감사절을 잘 지내세요.
Happy Thanksgiving.
This is to be used for American Thanksgiving only, not for Korean “Chu-Suk”
Literal translation:
Happy Thanksgiving.

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